Interview With Robbie Thomas

Good morning everyone! Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you another author interview! Today I have Robbie Thomas here with me, and a review of his book. Robbie Thomas, has been described as a visionary of life with an incredible psychic gift. Working with many integral individuals within the Spiritual and Paranormal Fields, Robbie strives each day to bring forward the truth and what messages lie from beyond. Robbie, works with Law Enforcement and families internationally on murder/missing persons cases and has created a new television series that is currently in development with Lamport/Sheppard Entertainment of Toronto Canada/England United Kingdom. His latest literary release, Time Shift The Paradigm, is based on a factual event documented days before it actually shook the world and then twisted into a fictional story line.

Hi Robbie, wonderful to have you here on my blog! Random question first as always! You also work as a psychic, any funny or unusual stories from doing this?

Growing up and living this life as I call it, rather than that of being “psychic”, for it is just part of our lives that people indeed do have some form of ability it has moments of like you say funny or unusual times. One time I along with my daughter who was 14 at the time, were sitting across from the kitchen opening watching television. A woman walked slowly across the opening of the kitchen stopped looked directly at us then continued until she wasn’t seen no more. I looked at my daughter and said, “did you see that?” She turned to me and said without hesitation, “did you?” Times like this are exceptional for its the confirmation of others as well being able to see what I see. One more great story was during the filming of Dead Whisper the movie where we were in the “madams waiting room” of Al Capone’s Speakeasy. Here we encountered a young boy named Adam. When one of the investigators asked me who was here and I explained, he began to ask certain questions of the boy. When the question while filming was asked of, what is your favorite time of year Adam? I heard what his reply was, which was captured on film him answering then I answered to what he said. Adam said , “Christmas”, then you hear me say “Christmas”. At this point another spiritual being entered the area and Adam took off as I said that Adam left the room. There were people in the opposite room adjacent from where we were, which got the scare of their life as screams not only from the women there but the guys as well for Adam’s energy went through the room making the chain on the door swing violently and a gust of wind went through the room. It was at this point after filming 16 hours a day it became more of a hilarious moment to hear others caught off guard spring to attention for a bit of a scare. The laughter that followed from all of us was a lighter moment during filming. Another time I was doing a tour in Moundsville Prison In WV, and going through the most active parts of the prison with some folks from television as well as the public. We got to this one area in Cell Block C in the most dangerous offenders section. I stopped to tie my shoe as my laces came untied, a friend from a SyFy show walked ahead of us stopped and turned with a camera in his hand. A drummer for a popular rock band stayed behind with me while I tied my shoe. While I bent down to tie my shoe, Sean (the drummer) was a bit anxious as many things were happening all around us. Well no sooner was he mentioning to me to hurry up that there was a gate that separated the worst of inmates from the general population start to close on its own. Everyone could see this happening but Sean. As the gate got closer to shutting it abruptly slammed shut creating a very loud bang. Now picture a guy full of tattoos, tough as nails, from a rock band turn into a bunch of jello…lol He jumped ten feet in the air, screamed my name grabbing on to me. Everyone had tears in their eyes laughing to hard that this was a great moment indeed.

Wow, a lot of stories then! So when did you realise you wanted to be a writer? Do you remember what inspired you?

I was roughly four years of age and remember telling my mother that I would write a book, be in movies and do television. Well, here I am five books later, several movies, and done television and also created a new television series I am the host of that is in development now with Lamport/Sheppard Entertainment. The inspiration for wanting to write was again at an early age where I use to read stories in the Bible and loving them. I again got inspiration from my teenage years from a teacher who pulled me in front of the class telling me I would never be a writer and to look for a career in another field. That moment stood out to me pushing me with fire in my heart to prove not only to the sentiment, but to the fact I can do this. It’s funny to look back at now for hindsight is 20/20 in knowing what I said at age four was already in the making regardless of what that teacher said to me. One must draw inspiration from all situations to better themselves in the acknowledgement of themselves. It’s in the message within that is and has been placed there from spirit that all people are privileged to and not from the negativity of another’s ill will. We can change and take control of every situation in our lives to which again the inspiration is derived from the most passionate within your heart. I took the lighter side of everything feeling that people were my inspiration. To convey the message we are never alone that our loved ones are always watching over us, had a huge part in me wanting to write as well.

That is a very good message for anyone. What books do you read? Do you read books in your genre, or books very different from it?

I like to read inspirational books that give hope and faith. I also like some fictional writings. I consider everyday the book of life where we write out stories on the turning of a page giving the essence of living the day given. We all are the writer, painter, composer of many great works therefore this is the type of book I truly crave. 

Absolutely, but some of us don’t write it on paper! 😀 Your novel,Time Shift The Paradigm , sounds really interesting. Can you tell us more about it?

I started out writing the movie script by the same name, Time Shift. I made mention March 2 on my facebook page of >PANIC<, just as you see it here. In that post I mention how the apocalyptic adventure of world catastrophe was and is upon us. Later that week March 10 I again make mention of many things happening around the world. Later that day, I had a telephone conversation with a film producer about the script where I mention I would like to include a 9.0 earthquake in the Pacific off the coast of Japan. I included a huge tsunami with much destruction to follow world wide. He loved the idea saying it would make a great gripping moment in the script. Little did I or he know that only a day later, it really did happen. Sometimes messages are given in an indirect way and yes sometimes if we don’t pay attention to what is given, we miss those opportunities. In this case the message was given, but corroborated and documented as well just days before it actually did happen. I immediately stopped writing the script finding myself literally engulfed in grief and despair for all who were involved in this horrific event. I couldn’t get my head around the fact this happened to me again. Yes it happened before, a few times and there is nothing one can do to stop the inevitable. I took the movie script and started to write the book. It took me roughly a year to complete. I took the factual event, keeping the premise as realistic as possible twisted it in a fictional storyline. The book itself has many twists and turns, but kept in the form of the probable is practical, which in our life we do live within different realms of parallel worlds. The afterlife is a topic that everyone in life craves to know more about. The book carries a huge message that will make people sit back and realize. The ending will throw people off for they won’t be expecting this type of scenario. I wrote from the heart of spirit meshing the realistic life we all live.

So what inspired this novel?

People of this life inspired me, as we all are still that child learning the lessons of life. It was time spirit was heard from a perspective of showing rather than talking about what it is like to have visions. If we all see the signs perhaps a change will come. The last line in the book says it entirely which gives perspective to what we are here for.  

Where can we find your novels?

My books can be found on, Kindle,,,, Barnes and Noble, and pretty much all online stores. People can also go into their local book stores to order them in as they are accessable to all. I am also about to re release under a new umbrella the following titles of mine. Paranormal Encounters, Signs From Heaven and To You From Spirit. They will be made available shortly from Createspace, Amazon and many more.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have written a trilogy of movie scripts titled, Paradox The Gate Series. I am now in the process of putting them into book form where it pays a tribute to all people within the Paranormal and Spiritual Fields. I am also working on the new television series, Psychic Profiler, which I will host where I work with Law Enforcement internationally and along side families to help solve cold cases of murder and missing persons. I have also been asked to host yet another television series that is in its creative point at the moment and again it deals with many aspects of the Paranormal and I will be a co host along someone who has been a major figure in the paranormal television aspect. So there are many things on the table for me, which seems to be the normal. I will be touring with many great people from many different television shows bringing the Paranormal to the public in the near future.       

You can find out more about Robbie Thomas on Facebook, Twitter and on his website. Thank you for being here, Robbie, any final words?

I like to thank you first Miranda, for the opportunity to have this interview. I also like to say to everyone reading this, that no matter what it is in life you want to do, just do it. Keep the faith, for you are very important in life. Always carry the feeling in your heart that this day given is a gift for you, so live life fully sharing with everyone the most positive love and light you can give. A very wise man said once, “A man’s wealth isn’t measured in what he gets out of life, rather his wealth is measured in what he puts into life.”

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